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Pressing Code: An Introductory to HTML

We’re almost done with BASIC, so we start HTML programming! WordPress recognizes HTML in its TEXT editor, so you can test the latest tricks.  This is in the visual editor:


In the text editor:


We’ll get to central HTML programming later, but here are some cool designs:






In text editor:






This HTML course will only teach you the basics. Please follow this blog in order to recieve latest posts for the HTML course. The BASIC course will probably be going until 11/27/2014, still.
Ready, Set, Done!


The Basics of BASIC

Okay, now we covered all basics of BASIC. These pages are the posts of the Basics of BASIC programming:

In This Section We Learned about the print feature and how it’s the basis of BASIC programming

In This Section we learned about program directions and the run/list feature in BASIC. Directions are the basis of BASIC programming

In this section we learned about variables and how they are different from the mathematical variables, along with the input, randomizing, and algorithm of numbers. We also learned the becomes feature and described the linking of the If-Then statements in the Intermediate section.

Hopefully you learned a bunch from this tutorial/tutorials! In the Intermediate and Advanced stages of BASIC programming, you should find yourself looking at this archive page of the basics.

“No skyscraper construction is possible without the foundations of it”


Experiencedsitemaker- Or more relevant: Experiencedprogrammer

The Free Coding Experience-Code Guy

Hi Coders, Advanced and Beginners…

Welcome to Code Guy! Our webpage URL is easy:    

We’ll be posting a few times a day, however, if I put everything I know in this and it’s not Saturday, we’ll have to wait until Saturday, my learning day. We’ll alternate between BASIC and HTML programming for some time, I don’t know if we’ll get to LOGO and stuff, but we’ll see.

First of all, I’ll give you the steps to actually get to the place where you type in commands I teach you. It’s simple:

HTML: The easiest way to do this is to use Microsoft’s Notepad on Windows.  Search Notepad in the Start Menu/Metro mode, and save your file as <name>.html Important: Do not save the file as .txt, the standard. To open and view your HTML program,  go to your location where you saved the file and click “Open In”; Select the browser of your choice.

You may use other tools such as developer/inspect element in browsers and Firebug if you are using Firefox.

BASIC: This is harder. I strongly reccommend this .jar file (I DID NOT create this) to program BASIC: MASICA.jar. However, if you want to use web-based BASIC programming, you can Google “BASIC programming” and you probably will find one.

Happy Coding!