print “Why Did I write this blog?”

Well, this is why I did

  • It was simple… really
  • I’ll show you down there

Enough with the code, actually, this blog was created because I was astonished with how few people actually knew how to code! Forgive me, admittedly, I did not know how to program until fall,  and now I know some basic HTML and tons of BASIC.

<marquee> This Is The Funny Part </marquee>
(Yikes! Faulty Programming! I didn’t know that WordPress.com doesn’t allow marquee tags!)

I actually started being interested in programming by attending a Technology course, which taught me a circuit mat racecar called Anki Drive, but more importantly: Scratch, a site by MIT which allowed anyone to make simple programs with blocks, each containing some code.

Even so, I didn’t classify scratch as real programming. I was on a mission to learn actual program, and later, maybe even encryption and that meaty stuff.  It was November 9th of 2014 when i decided to not only share the info with myself, but with the community. I’m attending programming courses along with scraping what I can find online. Thank you very much for visiting my blog.

Happy Programming,



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