Listing Programs And Respective Commands

In order to write a program, you must list your steps:

1 print “Hello, World!”

2 print “Goodbye, World!”

3 print “Never Mind…”

It’s easy to list steps, you just give the computer directions. In MASICA.jar (please refer to the getting started guide), type “1” (no quotations)  in the command box and it should be bold. If it is not, remember to not type anything before the “1”- not even a space. Then, type in anything we learned of your choice. Press enter. Then type the number 2 in the command box and the command, and so on.

The Run Command:

How to run this program? If you press enter, you’ll just get an empty command box and a line down from the previous direction. This is when the “run” command gets in handy. After you are done typing your little command program like the one I gave you above , press enter and type “run” into the command box. You should see your program come alive!

The List Command: 

If you get lost in your program, “list” is there to help! If you do get lost/want to view your program, enter and type “list” in the command box. This will make your whole new program show up!

Wow, that was a big mouthful- normally I won’t post this much in one little post but; oh well, I must. Please refer to this guide whenever you forget, as this is the most important post in this blog- ever!


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